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Personal Development

Counselling/Psychotherapy aren’t necessarily something we begin in response to a particular event in our life or as a result from a specific trauma. It is an exploratory relationship which allows us to become more self-aware. Having greater self-awareness usually empowers us to make conscious choices for ourselves, whereas before we may have “acted out”, and in doing so, not always getting the desired outcome for our self.

Working with a Counsellor/Psychotherapist can be an asset to helping us enhance existing coping skills or resources, while learning and using new  and sometimes more effective ones. Working towards our full potential leads us to living a more contented, fulfilling life. Getting to know ourselves, getting to know and understand how we often limit or restrict ourselves, can often be the gateway to moving on in our lives in a more positive and constructive way than before. We are a “work-in-progress” so  self-care and self-managing means we can experience life feeling more equipped and informed to do so in a healthy and positive manner