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While each person will experience their own grieving process in their own unique way, several emotions are commonplace throughout the grieving process. Often these emotions cause us additional distress,  and they include ;

anger, shame, helplessness, sadness, relief, fear, lost, confused, guilty, loneliness, anxiety, blame, numbness, depression, vulnerability, pain, embarrassment, suicidal, and loss of identity.

How grief affects us

Grief and loss impacts all aspects of our physical &  emotional well-being and can impair our daily lives. When grieving, we will experience some or all of the following symptoms:

Feelings (Anger, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, shock, relief etc)

Physical symptoms (tightness in chest/stomach/throat; emptiness or heaviness in stomach; oversensitive to noise, breathlessness, lack of energy, muscle weakness)

Thoughts (Disbelief, confusion, preoccupation, sense of presence, hallucinations etc)

Behaviours (Sleep/appetite disturbances; forgetful, crying, social withdrawal, avoiding reminders of the deceased, restless overactivity; visiting places/carrying objects relating to the deceased, dreams of the deceased (normal and distressing)