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“I went to pat as I realised my drinking patterns has spiraled out of controll to the point where I knew deep down that it was harming me phyically and emotionally. I hid it well or so I thought as it also affected those around me at home and work to a degree which is now completly clear to me now but which I completly denied or perhaps could not see at the time. Perhaps my reflection will help another person recognise themselves as they read this and take what was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and pick up the phone and call pat and say I think I havd a problem. In my case it was alcohol but I have learnf it can be anything that takes over your life and you cant stop. I was addicted to alcohol. Pat helped me get to a point now as I sit writing this where I have decided I will never drink alcohol again in my life. Pat heled ME decide that this is what I want. The most difficult decision of my life calling Pat but the best one. Pat was completly non judgemental, caring and I felt safe to open up and discuss my issues. I write this in my garden on a sunny sunday april moring where once I would still be in bed with hangover thinking how long to my next drink. Those days are over.” – Anonymous

“I would highly recommended pat coughlan to everyone” – Anonymous

“We have covered lot aspects from my relationship with my wife, children, family, friends and work colleagues. I now have the tools and guidance to deal with my issues like co- dependency, loss of loved ones, my childhood and all everyday matters that effected me before.” – Anonymous

“I met pat over a year ago. Pat has changed my life for the better. I originally went to pat not knowing my left from right. I have gained the confidence to take control of my life. This has helped me be a better person (I believe in me).” – Anonymous

“I had tried several methods to overcome my alcohol addiction with limited success. What finally worked for me was the one to one counselling I received from Pat Coughlan. He quickly established excellent rapport with me and the process he adopted gave me the confidence and motivation and success.” – Anonymous

“After visiting many counsellors and being turned off the idea of counselling, I found that with Pat, my perception of the profession completely changed. Pat was critical to my development in the last 12 months and we still stay in contact, which is a testament to the dedication he shows with each client. I always know there is support for me, and in today’s world, that is priceless ” – Anonymous

“Pat’s skill as a counsellor, listener and mentor (in some cases) is exceptional. He has a skill in hearing what you are not saying and gently works at addressing the issue and getting you to acknowledge and work on same. Over the course of 2 ½ years, Pat has been instrumental in helping me find happiness and contentment once more. His gentle, but firm manner, as well as his sense of humour, has helped me through some very tough times, and I have had great pleasure in recommending his services to friends and colleagues who have found themselves in circumstances requiring his expertise. ” – Anonymous

“I initially came into contact with Pat through his role at an addiction treatment centre in Cork that my husband was attending. My husband is a recovering alcoholic. Pat helped me through my own recovery and to find myself once more. I had become lost in the madness of addiction. Since then, Pat has helped us reconnect in mind, body and soul, and ultimately has been the key to getting our happiness, marriage, and family life back on track. Since then, beyond the issue of addiction, Pat has helped me with my own development in other areas of my life.” – Anonymous

“Before starting therapy with Pat, I had lost confidence, felt anxious, and had lost my sense of self. I was often in my head, not allowing myself feel or deal with unresolved losses. Through working with Pat, I have gained a more balanced mind, body and spirit approach. I am still a ‘work in process’, but I now feel less anxious, more confident, and more able to deal with the ‘skeletons in the closet’. I find Pat to be a caring guy with a compassionate approach and a good sense of humour, whom I can trust with my darkest secrets and not feel judged.” – Anonymous

“As a family, he has helped us beyond description and we are so grateful to him for his professional and compassionate assistance and interventions. ” – Anonymous

“Pat, through his skills as a facilitator, addiction counsellor, relationship counsellor and educational counsellor, taught each of us how important we were as individuals. He gave each of us the skill set to restore our lives to healthy relationships and to enable us to be better able to cope with the stress of living with addiction in all its forms.” – Anonymous

“We met Pat at a time when our family was totally immersed in the madness of our serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. We were a family in crisis. The situation put incredible pressure on us as a family as we tried to cope with the horrible reality of our situation.” – Anonymous