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100hr Professional Upskilling Module

Holistic Counselling Opens The Door To Inner Peace, Healing & Personal Growth



Essay and Reflective Journal from group process Course Requirements

  • At Least 100 hours of work with clients
  • Counselling is required if the applicant / course director deems it necessary
  • Supervision is required with every ten clients seen



Applicants’ need to have successfully completed a Degree, diploma course in counselling /psychotherapy accredited or working towards accretion and supply evidence of completion and affiliated to an association and in supervision.

IAC Accredited

This Add-0n Module in Addiction if the Participants are in receipt of a counselling Degree/Diploma is seen as fulfilling Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (A.C.I.) requirements for accreditation.
The course also meets A.C.I. criteria for 30 CPD
Training is a blend of didactic lecture, group discussion, Power Point presentation & Guest Speakers.

Course takes place in Orchard House Banshane Midelton Starts on the every 2nd riday and Saturday of each month commencing in October. Cost k 1,250 euro and taggered payment can be arranged with pat.

For Qualified Counsellors / Psychotherapists, Counselling Psychologists and Counsellors in training.

AIM of the Upgrade:

It aim is to train qualified counsellors. Psychotherapists, Psychologists to understand addiction and how complex the addictive mind can be. To train the counsellor with a variety of intervention tools to recognise that addiction is the primary issue which has to be worked on first to enable personal empowerment to change and efree from the prison of addiction. To realise that Addiction is a family trauma where all have to change behaviour.


Objectives are to educate the student in the knowledge of addiction its process, of obsession and compulsion in the addict and its family. Understanding / information on the pharmaceutical.

Effects of the different drugs and their effects on the
whole person. Helping the student to understand that
addiction is a trauma and a grieving process of loss for the
whole family.

  • What is addiction?
  • Process of Addiction
  • For the person addicted to Alcohol, Hard Drugs, Gambling. Food, Sex, and Internet
  • Pharmaceutical information on drugs and their effects.
  • How addiction affects the whole Family/the addict/spouse, partner/children
  • How Children are affected by addiction/Adult Child of addiction
  • Grief/Loss in addiction
  • Adolescence And Addiction
  • Self Help Groups for Addict/Family AA,Na,Ga,Oa,al-alon etc.


Objectives are to provide the skills and the interventions to help the student to upgrade their knowledge to equip the client to empower change and recovery. To help the student to understand relapse and to educate the client on relapse warning signs and prevention.

  • Models of Treatment. Skills/Practice
  • Humanistic, (Rogers,Eagan)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(Beck)
  • Reality therapy(Glaser)
  • Minnesota Model


  • Harm Reduction Models. Skills/Practice
  • Methadone
  • Needle Exchange
  • Wheel of Change
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Relapse Prevention


Objectives; to educate the student that dual diagnosis can be part of addiction and to equip the student in the knowledge of the spirituality of addiction i.e. the concept of the twelve steps and the spirituality of the whole person.

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Brief intervention
  • Spirituality of Addiction


Objectives: Students are asked to attend open meetings of support groups addict/family example AA/Al-Alon to help them understand the process of recovery.

Group Process /Personnel /Professional Development.

Objectives: as part of the course it is important that students learn from each other in a supportive way.


“Found the course to be very insightful both personally and professionally. Found pat the tutor very understanding and helpful to all students learning throughout the course” – Eileen

“I enjoyed the teaching style and felt comfortable. I gained insight and understanding of addiction and how family is also affected on different levels. The course was very beneficial to me in my own learning about my family history as well as my clients. Enjoyed the group worked well and we learned from each other.” – Ellen

“Very good personal and professional development. Enjoyable, affordable, interesting, challenging and very rewarding. Enjoyed the group and my process working on issues which I did not realize I had. Thanks Pat I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and now have a bigger toolkit.” – Kathleen

“An Extremely informative, educational and focused course. Useful personally and professionally” – Pat